Friday, April 29, 2011

Lessons Learned

At some point, I will return to this post and add some pearls of wisdom.
For now, let's start with #1.

1) Not all the pros are competent.
I had a GC build and rough in the shower for me.  His other work was solid, but when I posted pictures up on the John Bridge tile forum, they said it was a redo, for several reasons.  I couldn't believe that a 20 year pro could possibly not know what he was doing, but he clearly didn't.  We came to an agreement about the issue, and I hired a different person to redo the shower walls and pans.  Since we're now a week away from movein, I also had him tile the walls.
Consider this a sneak peek of the gorgeous Heath Ceramics tile.

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  1. Great blog. Keep up your posts. I am looking into purchasing a E11 model as well, and I would be very interested in learning about how you removed the wall between living room and storage room. I would appreciate if you can drop me a line at so that I can contact you.